Who Started This?

Uncle Slinky is owned and operated by Jami, residents of El Paso, Texas. Uncle Slinky is the name of Jami’s most favorite Dachshund, hence the name of the company!  We have had a love for animals and have always had a vision of sharing these amazing creatures with the world and now we are making our dream come true.

What Animals Do We Have?

We are very selective in the animals we choose and always make sure we can provide proper care, nutrition and veterinary needs before getting any exotic animal.   Currently we have wallabies, porcupines and fennec foxes.

Why Do We Do This?

We have a passion for people and animals. It is our way to give back to our community, particularly those going through a hard time. This is why we started the Uncle Slinky project. We want to spend time with individuals and give them an experience that most won’t ever get, and we get to make fun products in the mean time!